Angel Bat Dawid & Patricia Kaersenhout

Angel Bat Dawid & Patricia Kaersenhout


Presented by Le Guess Who? & BAK - basis voor actuele kunst

Le Guess Who? and Jeanne van Heeswijk connected the Chicago-based pianist, clarinetist and composer Angel Bat Dawid with visual artist, activist, and womanist Patricia Kaersenhout. Both women tap into the meaning and history of black life and experimental forms of radical self-care through various artistic works and projects. '(New) Formats of Care in Times of Violence is a communal training convened by Kaersenhout. She involves participants in collaborative embroidery, while engaging in storytelling, dialogue and spiritual healing as a training for collective resistance and a commitment to living otherwise. Angel Bat David joins the training by sharing her sonic healing practice.

Please note: limited capacity, sign up (between 4-7 November) via

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