Midori Takada - [THUS TIME GOES BY]

Midori Takada - [THUS TIME GOES BY]

Curated by Midori Takada

[ THUS TIME GOES BY ] is a new durational sound work by Midori Takada, consisting of four parts, created especially for the Jacobikerk and Le Guess Who?. 

1 – THUS TIME GOES BY is based on the thought that each tone is a member of one chord but moves freely in and out of it; each note has a personal character. The results are a chord with rich resonance in it.

2 – INTERLUDE is made with marimba and bamboo flute ensemble. The bamboo is gathered from different cultures of Indonesia. One tone is not for one, one is for all.

3 – BLUE REMINISCENCE was composed by Midori Takada for the reminiscence of Satoshi Ashikawa, who wrote minimal music in 80s in Tokyo. It starts with his theme “Prelude” and continues to several variations.  

4 – SALVE REGINA is composed by Yoriaki Matsudaira for the Mkuwaju Ensemble in the 80’s. The original song was made by one of the oldest Roman-Catholic choirs, around the 11th century. 

“I really wanted to be here with you. Instead I fly my spirit to you and wrap you up in the warm vibrations of the music” - Midori Takada

Sound by Midori Takada; lighting design by Peter Lemmens

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