The Bug

The Bug

Curated by The Bug

Musician, producer and composer Kevin Richard Martin’s chosen moniker has always been a fitting one. As a defiant experimentalist ceaselessly exploring sonic extremities, contrasts and frictional collisions, his obsession with beats, bass, body horror, and dub technology has been mirrored throughout his turbulent, mutating career.

From seismic low end resonations, to brutal noise detonations, via drone excavations, and the cavernous pulsations of dancehall, his discography is a fusion of physical assault, cerebral electrification and the deepest, most deadly dub. The Bug’s relentless appetite for re-invention and confrontation has resulted in some of the most satisfying records and collaborations of the past twenty years. His endeavors include a noirish meltdown with Earth’s Dylan Carlson, the poetic terror of King Midas Sound, and more recently the militant, sound system crushing ZONAL, harboring fellow mavericks Fennesz, Moor Mother and Justin Broadrick of Jesu/Godflesh fame.

Photography: Fabrice Bourgelle

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