Uncloud Transliminal Exhibition

Uncloud Transliminal Exhibition

Uncloud presents (2021)

Uncloud 2021 takes the form of a pop-up museum for contemporary and media art. The exhibition, titled ‘Transliminal’, is about the temporary estrangement that takes place during the intermediate phase of a transformation and of which the final destination is unknown. With this theme, Uncloud presents a metaphor for the current state of the world, in which we all experience estrangement from our old realities. This feeling creates a temporary reality forced on us by urgent experiences. In this transliminal phase, we find ourselves entangled with a process of transformation where the distinction between the tangible and intangible is undefined; where the threshold between reality and speculation is sometimes perceived as unknown. This state leads to overwhelming uncertainty, as well as to renewed experience, thoughts and insights, and therefore into the creation of something new: transformation.

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