The Bug's Kevin Martin announces solo album 'Sirens'

The Bug's Kevin Martin announces solo album 'Sirens'

Fri Apr 26th
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The Bug's Kevin Martin has announced his new solo album 'Sirens', to be released via Room40 on May 31st. It is the first time the electronic producer and composer releases a record under his real name. 'Sirens' is about the emotional rollercoaster that Martin experienced becoming a parent, heightened through the complex circumstances of his wife's emergency procedures during birth and two further life-threatening operations for his son in the first month of the child's life.

Martin is known for seamlessly bringing musical extremities together in a righteous, organic way, with a constant urge to innovate and collaborate. Three tracks of the upcoming album can already be listened to via the embed below; pre-order the album here.

"Within each piece, microcosms of sensation unfold, Kevin clearly and deftly manoeuvres us through the tumultuous journey. Seconds become hours, and hours become seconds; 'Sirens' somehow creates a sense of time that is without anchor and is foggy in a way that is profoundly unique (and frankly pleasurable)."

The Bug is one of the curators for Le Guess Who? 2019 and will also perform at the festival. His curatorship innovatively merges genres like noise, metal, hip-hop, dancehall and dub.

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