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Le Guess Who? is an ever-changing format: we are always full of new ideas and looking for new ways to do what we do. In order to keep developing the festival the upcoming fifteen years on the same level as we did the last fifteen, we could use your support.

Over the past fifteen years, we have developed into a platform that showcases underrepresented sounds that are rarely presented on other stages and in other places, but deserve to be heard. Being an independent creative organization, you can help us to continue to do this by supporting us with a regular or one-time donation.

Option 1 – Become a LGW Supporter

LGW Supporters can make a donation of at least €5 per month or €60 per year (but of course a higher gift is always welcome). As a Supporter, you can attend the annual online LGW program presentation, you receive personal updates from the LGW team throughout the year, and you are invited to a special meeting at the festival.

Become a LGW Supporter

Option 2 – Make a one-time donation

You can also support us by making a one-time donation of €5, €15, €25 or multiple of these amounts.

Make a one-time donation


Photography by Melanie Marsman

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