Curator: Phil Elverum

Curator: Phil Elverum

Curated by Phil Elverum

Taking his name from a spot near to his heart and home, Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie and The Microphones makes music heavily imbued with that foggy green mood of Washington state. But far from limiting the scope of his work, staying true to this sound has proved a foundation for producing 20 albums in the last 15 years - each feeling familiar, yet fresh. Unafraid of sentimentality in the pursuit of deeply personal storytelling, and committed to the discovery of touching and hypnotic melodies, Elverum embraces a gentle noisiness that has the power to lull listeners into a softer state.

In 2017 Elverum performed at Le Guess Who? in a lineup curated by Perfume Genius, and the next year released his performance as an album, ‘(after)’. This year, he takes up the role of guest curator.

Photography by Katy Hancock

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