Film: SPAZA – Road to Johannesburg

Film: SPAZA – Road to Johannesburg


Please note: in order to attend this film screening on Wednesday 10 November, you can just show your festival ticket at the entrance of Louis Hartlooper Complex.

In this film, Johannesburg record label Mushroom Hour Half Hour’s rotating SPAZA ensemble takes you on a journey through their creative process as they delve into a new project. SPAZA are a band with no permanent members, performing in line-ups for the specific purpose of recording improvised or workshopped material. Pianist and trombonist Malcolm Jiyane, featured on the 2020 SPAZA release ‘UPRIZE!’, sits in the musical director’s chair, and selects the performers and the music presented in this volume. ‘SPAZA — Road to Johannesburg’ is as much a snapshot of the inner workings of the SPAZA rotating ensemble, as it is a vignette on Jiyane as a composer and conductor.

Photography by Tseliso Monaheng

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