Graindelavoix performs Carlo Gesualdo  - 'Tenebrae Responsoria' (The Complete Cycle)

Graindelavoix performs Carlo Gesualdo - 'Tenebrae Responsoria' (The Complete Cycle)

The Graindelavoix ensemble from Antwerp is notorious for their daring and alienating performances that embrace the imperfections of what it means to be human. Now, they presents the four-hour piece ‘Tenebrae Responsoria’ by Carlo Gesualdo: a 17th-century progressive composer from Italy who explored harmonies and dissonant intervals that were unprecedented in his time. Later, he became an influence on groundbreaking composers like Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schönberg. ‘Tenebrae Responsoria’ is an overwhelming and intriguing musical work seemingly composed specifically for a nocturnal concert.

with Anne-Kathryn Olsen, Carine Tinney, Razek-François Bitar, Albert Riera, Andrés Miravete, Marius Peterson, Adrian Sîrbu, Arnout Malfliet, Björn Schmelzer (dir.)

In cooperation with Utrecht Early Music Festival

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