To The North II + (The) Night Flight + Escape-Ism

To The North II + (The) Night Flight + Escape-Ism

Untitled (2018)

Kelman Duran presents
‘To The North II’ is an experimental documentary by Dominican producer, multimedia artist and filmmaker Kelman Duran. It is the follow-up to ‘To The North I’, challenging heavy political-historical topics such as Wounded Knee and women activists at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In his work as a filmmaker, Duran focuses on the way disenfranchised communities respond to civic architecture.

Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley & H. Hawkline present
Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley form the musical duo DRINKS, but also practice other arts and crafts as a means to enter a different headspace. Together with H. Hawkline they form the art collective (The) Night Flight. In this exhibition they will display art works of various mediums, described by Presley as “very free-spirited, but with a technical side as well”.

Ian Svenonius & Alexandra Cabral present
The mythical performer, author, and filmmaker Ian Svenonius, who performs as Escape-Ism, shows a selection of experimental short films he made with filmmaker Alexandra Cabral. The films include genres like documentary, agitprop, sci-fi and exploitation film – sometimes all at once – centered around themes of mind control, rock ‘n roll and reeducation camps.

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