Infectious Grooves: our biweekly updated playlist with current inspirations

Infectious Grooves: our biweekly updated playlist with current inspirations

Fri Mar 5th
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Infectious Grooves is a playlist with musical inspirations from all across the globe, both new and old. Infectious Grooves will appear biweekly and you can subscribe/like here on Spotify to automatically access the updated playlist. 

We encourage you to support artists featured in this playlist directly by buying their music, for instance on Bandcamp via Buy Music Club.

Infectious Grooves #32 features a.o. the reissue of avant-garde and jazz artist and improviser Byard Lancaster's 1992 album 'My Pure Joy'; 'ftn: there isn’t time', "a meditation and response to anger" by lastnamedavid featuring Pink Siifu; Japanese sound artist Miyu Hosoi, who creates ambitious choral tapestries which combine her voice with technology; the recently passed away ambient and new age maestro and pioneer Pauline Anna Strom; Dutch singer, rapper, poet and percussionist Rik van Boeckel, who combines his English, Dutch and Spanish lyrics with reggae, dancehall, latin and hiphop; Afro-Caribbean, avant-garde jazz drummer Tcheser Holmes, also known as a member of Irreversible Entanglements; A.K. Toney, mastering his skills of poetry while playing percussion instruments with the influence of jazz rhythm and African tradition; a collaboration between Dallas-based artists experimental vocalist MATTIE (cover) and ambient composer and performer Black Taffy; Finnish electronic musician Vladislav Delay, who constructs fractured soundscapes that evoke the vast Arctic tundra, yet often radiate the warmth of dub reggae; French composer and musician David Fenech, who uses a large panel of recording tecniques to produce his 'punk musique concrète'; and many more.

Stream the full playlist below. You can also listen via Deezer and Spotify. Older playlists are archived in our Spotify account here.

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