LGW TV content now online, feat. Reports from Other Continents, Vunk on Vacation & more

LGW TV content now online, feat. Reports from Other Continents, Vunk on Vacation & more

Thu Feb 4th
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Following the launch of LGW ON, our very own online TV channel which streamed mid-November 2020, we are now sharing a lot of programs and video content that premiered on the channel via our YouTube account.

We've published the videos as part of our new Reports from Other Continents project; all episodes of our alternative travel show Vunk on Vacation; live sessions recorded in collaboration with Front; King Khan's "We Not I" Tarot Telethon; Zoom interviews and more. 


Reports from Other Continents

In Reports from Other Continents, people from all over the world share video reports on topics such as art, culture and music from within their own communities—made specifically for, and commissioned by, Le Guess Who?

Typically, Le Guess Who? would share these kinds of special, worldwide musical traditions and cultural developments through concerts and performing artists; with that not being possible this year, we decided to reach out to the amazing and extensive network of artists, musicians, creatives, and their representatives with whom we have worked over the years to find stories from within their local communities that should be shared. The response was overwhelming, with 28 different reports from all over the world being made in 2020 for the festival.

Reports from Other Continents is a platform for people to tell their own story.

Watch all episodes of Reports from Other Continents in the playlist below, from a.o. Colombia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Mexico, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey and Venezuela:


Vunk on Vacation

In 2020, Utrecht has to miss the beloved Le Guess Who? visitors who travel across the world each year to visit the festival. That's why we're bringing Utrecht to them. We asked cult star DJ David Vunk to act as a guide for our alternative travel show Vunk On Vacation.

As a digital alternative to Le Mini Who?, Vunk travels from Rotterdam to Utrecht to show you the local hot spots, to interview Utrechtian entrepreneurs, and to host live sessions with Dutch artists on exciting locations in Utrecht, captured by Dutch music publication Front. Watch all episodes in the playlist below:


LGW x Front sessions

As a digital alternative to Le Mini Who?, Front and Le Guess Who? presented live sessions with Dutch artists on exciting locations in Utrecht, including the joyous, psychedelic journey that is Conjunto Papa Upa; Amsterdam’s upcoming noise rockers a fungus; Utrecht’s Oud player Nawras Altaky; and voice artist Greetje Bijma in collaboration with leftfield producer Oceanic.

Watch all sessions below:


King Khan's "We Not I" - Tarot Telethon

King Khan hosts a hilarious psychomagic comedy with his daughter Bella The Bizarre, as they answer the deeper questions of life using his amazing "Black Power Tarot" (which was also exhibited at LGW previously).

It’s a divine comedy made to help heal the world and promote Global Solidarity Forever, an organization that Khan has started in partnership with Malik Rahim (founder of the Common Ground Relief and former leader of the Louisiana Chapter of the Black Panthers). This program was made specifically for Le Guess Who? and was commissioned by the festival:


Le Guess Who? 2021: Curators & Initial Line-Up Announcement

During LGW ON, we presented the curators & initial line-up for Le Guess Who? 2021:


A video portrait of Koen Delaere by LGW & Canal180

For the 2021 Le Guess Who? artwork, the festival has initiated a collaboration with Dutch visual artist Koen Delaere. Koen will create physical, painted canvases that will collectively form the final artwork (realized in collaboration with design agency Van Lennep); its several stages to the end result will be revealed in the months leading up to the festival.

In collaboration with Canal180, Le Guess Who? made a video portrait about Koen Delaere in which we discuss his analogue, physical method of creation; how his work is inspired by music; and the importance of being bored:


Who's Zoomin' Who?

Brandon Stosuy (author of 'Make Time for Creativity') and multi-instrumentalist Meg Duffy (Hand Habits) discuss creativity during the pandemic, touring life, defining failure, and what the world will look like coming out of lockdown in our series 'Who's Zoomin' Who?':


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